About Us

We knew Oman as a homeland, house, and residence, and knew it deeper when we knew it as an experience.

(Darrbak) The platform combines all experiences that are worthy of occupying part of your memories, time, feelings, and spirit, and roam with you around the world in rich and exciting experiences!
You Are A Click Away From Your Next Experience
Darrbak team on Rass AlHadd

Our Vision

In Darrbak, we work on creating a real experience at one virtual click. We confidently progress to become:

  • First destination of the lovers of experiences, activities and adventures through our e-platform that combines the service provider companies and individuals. 
  • To highlight diversity of tourism and entertainment services and the activities and experiences through cooperation with the people, service providers, activity providers and individuals to create the largest number of experiences that Darrbak Platform users can experience in the surrounding area or the other areas of Oman and the world.
  • Support and partnership of service providers, experience makers, and activity providers by highlighting them on Darrbak Platform for all users to provide easier access to their services and wider spread in line with the attitude of economic diversity and financial sustainability in Oman Vision 2040.
  • Highlight the rich experiences of Oman from the furthest beach in Musandam to the highest mountain in Dhofar in terms of tourism, environment, legacy, local culture, and assumption of a constructive role in building a society that prides itself on its identity and culture and is committed to its citizens.
  • Cover the largest possible number of areas around the world and bring their experiences and activities to Darrbak Platform, which allows recruitment of service providers and further experiences to the platform and richer user experience.

Why Choose Darrbak?

Darrbak Team

Mr. Jasim Al-Alawi
Founder & CEO of Darrbak

Jasim Al-Alawi

Founder & CEO

Maitha Al-Alawi

Business lead & Communication Specialist

Rashid Al-Alawi

Operation Manager
Hajar Al-Kalbani 
Social media specialist & Designer on Darrbak

Hajar Al-Kalbani

Social Media Specialist & Designer

Wafa Al-Ojaili

Sales Specialist

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